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Our digital marketing agency helped over 15 companies to move their websites to Magento. Magento is designed for e-commerce. All in one Content Management systems. It improves your Google ranking for categories & products.

Petra Equipment - Magento website

Petra Equipment - Magento website

Our digital marketing agency designed and developed Petra Equipment website with Magento.


  1. Dynamic menu to help customers to find the right product across 78 categories.
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to rank categories on Google such as "butcher equipment" and brand such as "Rational Combi ovens"
  3. Pre header and header redesign to optimize useful information such as contact, phone number, visit showroom, finance and sale.
  4. Internal links and backlinks strategies and execution to increase Google ranking.
  5. Categories, brands and products pages redesign.
  6. Set up of all products attributes and options.
  7. Inquiry integration on website, Magento and redirect emails to sales representative.


  1. +$4.5M increase in sales compared on a yearly basis.
  2. +450% Organic leads from our SEO work
  3. +750$ PPC leads from our advertising campaigns including Adwords and Google Shopping
  4. - 35% loading time on mobile with our AMP integration.
  5. +250% phone calls by optimizing Google maps.
Adding products:
  1. Magento allow you to upload an excel file to add quickly products
  2. It allows you also to add one by one as below:
Adding product on Magento

Magento Benefits

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