7 logo design tips from the experts

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Designing the right logo is not just limited to your web design skills or graphical skills. You have to use your creative skills in addition to understanding the nature of the business in order to design the right logo. If you have spoken with any logo designer about designing the logo you would know that they tend to ask a lot of questions in order to design the logo. That is why it is important to gain all the information which you need before you begin with logo design. Only once, you have gained immense information about the business, you can put any of the logo design tips to use.

We would today share with you 7 logo design tips from the experts which would help you in designing logos professionally.

1. Being flexible:
Many times, the 1st impression which you discover of the business is not its true identity. That is why, instead of sticking to the 1st impression of the business, you have to be more flexible during the designing process. If you discover more information about the business down the line, you should be flexible enough to change the identity as well as the design of the logo. You have to make sure that the logo which you design represents the actual identity of the business.

You have to gain as much information about the business as possible before designing the logo. You have to try and incorporate the business ethos into the logo design. Only then, a proper business identity can be created.

2. Incorporating the brand heritage:
Each and every business has a legacy. You have to look into the legacy of the business and decide whether you want to incorporate that legacy in the logo or not. In most of the cases, the legacy is often incorporated into the logo in some way or the other. That is why you have to always be ready to incorporate that legacy while designing the logo. If you are operating on a local level, you must contact local logo design companies like Logo Design Brisbane or Logo Design Melbourne.

3. Creating a brand identity:
You should not just create a logo as a single and individual design element. You should take a holistic approach towards designing the logo for a business. You have to not only look at the identity of the business but also their present website and thereafter decide the design elements which you need to incorporate into the logo. Instead of just creating a standalone logo design, you have to make it more accommodating. This ensures that the logo can be easily incorporated into the brand identity of the business.

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4. Using the right font:
On the Internet, you would find hundreds of different fonts to choose from. However, if you look at the most common ones which are used in logo design, you would find that Sans Serifs and associated fonts dominate the design niche. You would find plenty of variations of these fonts in order to suit your needs. These fonts are not only easier to read but if you choose the right variant, they would be very stylish as well. That is why, instead of experimenting with lesser-known fonts, if you really want to create a proper identity you can go with the serif variants of fonts.

5. Adding a personality to the font:
The font is not just about the name of the business or the subtitle of the business. By looking at the font, consumers should be able to get a general idea regarding the industry and type of business. That is why, either you have to choose the graphics accordingly or you have to choose the font and text accordingly. Only when the consumer is able to understand the industry of business as well as the product or service by looking at the logo, you would achieve your purpose of creating a brand identity.

6. Using negative space:
Many logo designers use the concept of negative space. Negative space is a trending topic in the design world. Negative space refers to the use of color as well as shapes in order to convey multiple meanings in the logo itself. One of the most famous examples of the use of negative space in the logo is the one used by NBC. For those of you who are not familiar with the earlier NBC logo, in 1956, the logo was representing a peacock. However, the current logo is very different from the earlier one. It not only represents a holistic approach to media but also if you look closely, it also represents a peacock feather using negative space.

7. Make use of humor:
If you do not prefer using negative space in order to induce a personality into the logo, you can induce humor in other ways as well. A good example of such humorous design is the logo of Amazon which has a smile built at the bottom. Thus, you can easily induce wit as well as humor into the logo in more ways than one.

So, if you’re struggling with logo design, you have to just follow these 7 logo design tips in order to design logos as good as the experts.

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