What is Black Hat SEO?

  • January 14, 2019
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Use of unethical tactics to appear higher in search results is basically known as Black Hat SEO. These tactics often end you up in a fine or penalty from the search engines. Appearing higher in search results definitely plays a vital role in the growth of any business but search engines have created some guidelines following which one can appear in search results but still, some people go against the guidelines and tries to cheat the search engines using Black Hat SEO techniques. Continuous use of Black Hat SEO techniques is more likely to damage the ranking of your website in search results rather than improve it.

White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO

Creating a good user experience and quality content to gain higher rankings in search results is an ethical way of doing Search Engine Optimization and known as White Hat SEO while on the other hand manipulating the search engines to appear higher in search results by going against the guidelines set by search engines is called Black Hat SEO. Our SEO experts in Sydney only apply white hat SEO.

Types of Black Hat SEO Techniques

1. Keyword Stuffing

Use of irrelevant keywords in your content in order to manipulate the search engines come under Keyword Stuffing. It creates a bad experience for users and may also rank your pages for irrelevant queries.

2. Sneaky Redirects

A Redirect basically sends a user to a different link than the one they initially clicked but in Black Hat SEO, it is used for the purposes that it was never designed for. Redirects are used by some websites to send the users to some irrelevant pages to boost their ranking in search results and such sneaky redirects come under Black Hat SEO.

3. Invisible Keywords
Some websites use the text in the same color as the page background. So when a user searches something related to that text, the website will also appear in the search results due to the invisible keywords in the text but when the user will click on the link of the website, he will find nothing related to what he was searching for.
4. Bait and Switch
It is a technique of Black Hat SEO where a website is created with content related to a topic for which you want to rank the website but once the website starts appearing in search results, its content is changed with something else which ends up with a bad experience for the users searching for the topic that website was originally designed with.
There is a wide range of techniques using which websites try to play the Black Hat SEO card but these 4 were some of the most commonly used. Our online marketing company in Sydney recommend to avoid some techniques of Black Hat SEO include Paid Links, Cloaking, Abusing Rich Snippets, Blog Comments Spam, Link Farms, PBN (Private Blog Network), etc.

Why avoid Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO is not illegal but its still against the rules and if you are willing to go for Black Hat SEO or already using it to gain some customers then be ready to face the punishment from the search engines. Nowadays Search Engines are getting really good at spotting the Black Hat SEO and as soon as they spot a website engaged in it, its ranking is dropped down in search results or it is completely removed from the search engine. Therefore it’s better to go the right way and provide your customers with quality content by using genuine keywords and your website will definitely appear higher in search results.

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