IT services from our company

IT services are an important business component because of the numerous benefits it is associated with. Most of the programs we use, at home are at work are computer-based or web-based. The products require or use programs, software solutions and web services. IT has been embraced, especially with big businesses, because of its potential to improve greatly a company’s productivity. For example; you can employ the use of IT in making inventory software. With automation of an inventory system and other processes and systems, it means more convenience, efficiency and accuracy for the business which translates into more revenues.

In case there is any problem or technical glitches with an IT system, the processes and operations of any business will be affected. In such a situation, it would mean more losses.This situation is most common with small businesses that do not have enough capital outlay to have an IT department.Solving IT issues are not for everybody. The issues are fairly technical matters.

Because of the importance of IT services to various sectors of the economy as highlighted above, IT Companies providing Information Technology services are therefore in great demand. Consequently, we highlight the various IT services that can or are provided by IT Companies.

I. Website, software and programs development

Online presence is crucial especially for the huge online audience. Online access, internet, remains the number one source of information. An IT company can offer website and program design solutions.There are a number of software and programs available in the market, offered by various companies. Most IT Companies can tailor business software and programs to your company needs. We offer support to most website CMS and software such as WordPress, Magento & Amazon marketing.

II. Data backup and recovery

There are always risks posed to your data.It is a sensitive issue. The risks associated with virus programs which corrupt the data, system crashing, and technical failures and unauthorized access. Data loss can be catastrophic to your organization. An IT company should be able to provide backup solutions and data recovery services. Stronger encryption services would help in reducing chances of unauthorized tampering of data.

III. Computer repair services

Technical failures are always a possibility with computer systems. A computer repair may involve fixing or installing new programs and software, virus removal, fixing scanners and printers and repair or update hardware.

IV. IT staffing

Some IT companies offer well trained staff from its pool to companies or other business that contracts its services. The IT experts staffs can help in evaluating your security needs and providing the best solutions possible to protect a client from spam, malware and virus threats and risks.

V. Network security

The common network securities threats that computer systems suffer from include worms,adware, and spyware and identity theft. An IT company can provide Network data security against those threats. That can be done by implementing extra layers of security to a system.

VI. Data warehousing

This is the collection of business data and information from a number of sources and storing them in large volumes.For example,you may collect customer information including mailing lists, comment cards and cash registers.

VII. Training or tutoring

An IT company can also offer training services to those who desire to know how to better implement the use of IT and dealing with problems that may arise. Training another company’s staff is possible.

VIII. Consultation service

IT companies offer consultation services as they have the prerequisite knowledge to better advice you. Some companies offer free consultation services while others charge for their service.

IX. Selling IT equipment

Because of their extensive knowledge in IT matters, many people prefer buying their IT –related equipment like programmable locks from IT companies. If you lack the necessary equipment or you need an upgrade, you know who to turn to.

X. Networking support and troubleshooting

We all know how an internet is important for any business or organization. An IT company can set up the network for you and fix the network in case there are networking related problems. Networking support may also involve training of a company’s staff. Since November 2016, we offer support and training for Xero accounting software.

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