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10 Helpful Tips for beginners to Improve SEO on your Magento Store

So by spending the time to improve the search engine optimization on your Magento, you are making it easier for customers to find you, which drive traffic to your site and gives you a greater opportunity to convert these people into paying customers.

To aid in this, here are ten helpful tips that will improve the SEO on your Magento e-commerce site.

1. Avoid duplicate content

One of the big ways that sites can be penalized by search engines is by having duplicate content. This is frowned upon by the powers that be who determine the algorithm that is used to rank search results. 

This is a fairly large risk for e-commerce sites as they are usually very likely to have duplicate content in the form of product listings and descriptions. As a result, it is important to review your website and determine ways that you can reduce the duplicate content on your website. Depending on the platform that you are using there is often a plugin or theme setting that can assist with this process.

2. Use the right keywords

This rule doesn't only apply to e-commerce sites, but to all websites that are trying to drive traffic. But as mentioned previously, building traffic to your site is essential for an e-commerce site to be successful. So in order for customers to find you, you need to spend the time finding the right keywords to be implemented on your site. As per our SEO Magento team recommendations, if you don't invest the time in this process, your search engine rankings will suffer dramatically.

3. Optimise product images. 

Customers want to see what they are buying, so it is important to have a number of high-quality images on your site that demonstrates the key features of the product. However, this isn't all you should be doing. An image alone does not help the optimization of your site, you will want to help the robots used by the search engines to find these images as this will help your rankings. The appropriate use of ALT tags on your images will make it much easier for them to find your content and understand it.

4. Write your own product descriptions. 

This is an extension to the above tip regarding avoiding duplicate content. A lot of sites will just use the standard description that has been provided by the manufacturer for their product descriptions. However, this will result in a duplication of content that is likely already on the manufacturer's website, as well as countless other e-commerce stores.

5. Add useful extensions

Every website running on the Magento platform won't perform effectively, without incorporating certain extensions. There are an ample number of extensions that you can use to heighten your site's functionality. Contact our Magento development specialists to learn more about the cost of new extensions.

6. Make your store mobile compatible

Make sure that your site has a responsive design, and can be accessed on easily on mobile devices. Given the fact, most of the users today favor online shopping, making your site mobile compatible will certainly increase your chances to connect a widely.

7. Coupling of 'Google Analytics Tool' is a must

Using Google Analytics helps to monitor the traffic generated towards the site. This tool helps to know as to from where and for what period of time, the viewers are viewing our website. Google Analytics is also extremely effective in tracking the time of stay at a certain page and the particular products and services, viewed by the audience. 

8. Using Google Webmasters Tool 

Google Webmaster Tools is the first mechanism of communication with webmasters and it's free and helps you to identify issues with your site. Using the Google webmaster tool is another important that helps the most popular search engines recognizes the domain name you have used for your website. It thus helps your web page's URL to become more popular and recognized with the search engines. 

9. Connecting with Affiliates & Offering Incentives 

Affiliate marketing has been one of the oldest methods of generating targeted viewer-ship. Offering regular incentives to affiliates is one way by which one can generate a lot of viewers, and convert them to prospective customers later on.

10. Let your Affiliates know you are there

Keeping a close watch on the interest of your affiliates is a good way of tracking down what basically interests them. Further, by uploading posts on a regular basis on your own blog and sharing the same with your affiliates is a good way of keeping them looping. 

But in case you have a limited budget you can opt for Magento Outsourcing Service from a renowned offshore development company. So whenever you are listing a product, make sure to write up something unique and take advantage of this opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competitors.