We provides 4 SEO services: Audit, Implementation, Backlinks & Support. We provide ongoing SEO technical support for over 120 Australian companies.

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List of the tasks that we can help you while working on your project:

1. Website SEO audit (both on-site and off-site)
2. Keywords research analysis
3. Competitor strategy analysis
4. On-Site optimization to make websites SEO friendly
5. Off-Site optimization to promote websites on search engines.
6. Local SEO, G Map Citation Optimization and Traffic Generation
7. Blogging, Guest Posting, Forum Posting Articles
8. Content writing and technical writing
9. Social Media Marketing (LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram etc.)

Hire the best SEO experts in Australia. Google certified in Search & Shopping too!

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SEO Audit

Digital Marketing Shop helped over 100 clients to resolve SEO issues and fix technical aspects of SEO on their websites. We audit Meta tags, content, keywords adjustment, keywords variables, layout, website speed, internal structures, dynamic robots, Json LD / Schema Org Advanced SEO, index & intelligent SEO.

You will receive a full SEO audit made of 6 sections to help you out to improve your ranking and increase your online visibility.

SEO Implementation

YES ...

DMS' SEO consultant services include all in SEO, we look after every aspect of SEO. Our implementation services are clean and extremely effective.

Our SEO experts are supervised directly by our SEO manager to ensure our reputation and quality of work.

Reports for clients

When compared to the same period in the previous year, traffic and conversion performance are important metrics for SEO as they provide an objective way of measuring long-term performance.

You will receive 2 types of SEO reports:

  • Traffic on your website from Google Searches
  • How your website rank on Google for strategic keywords



We are a well-established SEO Consultant Company who will get Digital Marketing done for your business in the right manner. Our clients can put their trust in our SEO services as we don’t only do businesses but create fruitful relationships with our clients to help them grow in every possible way. We provide services to make your digital life easy by giving unmatched results. Our hard working and persistent efforts and SEO expertise will give your website the top ranking it deserves. Join us now to avail yourselves the best consultations in SEO. We help businesses across all Sydney suburbs such as Parramatta, Liverpool, Lidcombe, Manly & Earlwood.


We are an SEO consultant company that you and your business will be thankful to be associated with. Our goal of quality and controlled end products is achieved by working in-house. Timely and effective results for our clients is the most important thing for us and we dutifully focus on that. We welcome you to join us to see the great success of your business with our SEO consultations!

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We include expert staff, profitable cooperation and various reliable techniques in our work to offer you the best SEO guidance. Our SEO specialists are dependable and will pull you out of the difficulties you faced in your past encounters or are experiencing in current circumstances. Connect with Australia's great SEO advisors today and make a call your business will thank you for in the future. Start your free SEO analysis today.


We will increase your online traffic and qualified leads within 3 to 6 months based on the industry competition. Our Local SEO consultants worked for other SEO companies in Sydney where they used to have less time to look after their clients. At Digital Marketing Shop, our SEO experts from different background recognize that they have much more support and time to resolve and rank your website.


We have assisted many businesses in saving huge amounts of money by identifying poor performance methods in their current SEO strategy and company work processes!

Advanced SEO Review

Our Sydney SEO specialists will scrutinize and review your website for finding SEO performance issues and will deliver detailed analysis reports which will highlight our audit results. We will further discuss the strategies and suggestions with you to move forward to our next step of SEO.

Free SEO Consultation

Whether you are presently doing SEO, or simply contemplating to begin with it, our group of SEO masters can guarantee you a perfect solution in less than 15 minutes. Call 04 1651 8822 or

Australian SEO Consulting Agency

Our Sydney SEO agency will get the right Digital Marketing done for you in the most organized, efficient and profitable manner. In the ever-growing digital world, you can’t afford to risk your business with poor SEO strategies.  We do the work as if it was our own business. We work tirelessly to ensure we do everything in our power to help you grow your business. Contact our local teams: SEO Sydney, SEO Hobart & SEO Gold Coast.





What does a SEO specialist do?

You probably asked yourself, what does an SEO specialist? Here is our answer: An SEO specialist creates and implements SEO solutions to improve his client website performance on Search Engine such as improving the traffic, the leads and revenue. In our case, we study the best practices of Search Engine Optimization and our professional SEO experts will create a plan on how we going to help you to perform better. Our local consultants in Sydney are one of the most performing SEO company in NSW. Feel free to ask on how we can help you and which digital marketing strategies suit you best.

Some numbers to chew on

# of 1st page results on Google3,985
Avg client saving on PPC50%
Avg client Increase in Calls and Sales300%
Social Media Posts for clients4,323
Likes gained for clients41,234
We are rated 98% for client satisfaction across four independent platforms
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