Question asked to our Sydney SEO team

Firstly what is SEO?

SEO is simply an acronym that stands for "Search Engine Optimization". This is really not very hard to understand as this simply is the ranking of websites or blogs based on Google or other search engines idea of relevance to your search when you type in a keyword. What this simply means is that search engines constantly gather content from websites and when you search for a particular topic or keyword, these search engines present you with the websites which seem to be the most relevant to your query, this is based on dominance of query keyword, originality and ease of navigation of the target website, the websites with the most relevance appear as the top search results, which indirectly leads to natural and free traffic to these websites or blogs which is considerably a luxury as you don't get to pay for this help but by simply putting in the best SEO practices.


If you're a new website owner or start-up blog who wants to cash in on the many benefits of SEO and expand your range, thus bringing in more potential customers but do not know what factors determine these ranks on search engines, you shouldn't have to worry because it's not rocket science. With the right procedures and patience, you too can become one of the top ranking sites, which will naturally attract more traffic to your site. Google and other search engines employ a number of tactics to rank a site by going through the site and determining the relevance of the site to the query initiated. Some factors can also help boost SEO rankings, these include;
1. Content Originality; Engaging your readers with entertaining, interesting and original content goes a long way in boosting your site's reputation among viewers but if you're also looking to get the best SEO rankings, you should focus on this aspect too, this is because many content creators are either too lazy or just not experienced enough to write unique contents, thereby filling their sites with copied materials which would inadvertently reduce your sites reputation and SEO rankings. Hiring content creators who are well versed in writing unique and SEO friendly contents like; articles or blog posts, tutorials or guides, infographics and social media content with maximum accuracy and experience will help boost your site's general appeal. > See our solutions for SEO Sydney and SEO for plumbers.
2. Trust ratings and age of website; Building a website domain name that is easy to remember and also very related to search keywords will help also to rank your site higher on search page results, take for example a case of two websites with similar niches but very different domain names, the domain name which is more related to the search query will definitely be top of search results, a website such as is definitely going to rank higher than for car related queries. Your website's reputation is also higher with the number of backlinks you have from trusted and huge sites.
3. Content form or length: Google rewards many websites with entertaining and useful content which are also relatively long but not boring, the average length of SEO optimized posts should be between 1500-2000 words which should be easy if you write a very captivating and interesting content.


SEO is a very easy (not anymore) way to get organic and unpaid traffic to your sites which could lead to more customers and business partnerships. Get more information about what is SEO by asking your questions to one of our SEO Consultant.