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Top 10 Wordpress website templates:

WordPress has been hailed for several reasons that includes providing a simple and fast easy way for any web owner or blogger to design their website and blogs. To add to its advantages, WordPress offers several free themes in its themes directory for customers to choose from. Alternatively, WordPress themes can be downloaded from the dashboard. The versatility in the themes makes them ideal for a business site, a magazine or any kind of a publishing web .Here is a selection of the top 10 best WordPress themes.

1. ColorMag

Color Mag is among our top ten list as no mistake. To start with, it is fully designed and customized to give a modern, clean and well- organized look that is ideal for a news, newspaper, magazine or publishing site. The theme particularly features a wide range of colors and images to choose from. More so, being a WordPress, there is guarantee that the theme has passed the WordPress theme review standards.

2. Optimizer

One of the advantages of this theme is that it is a multi-purpose theme. The theme is fully responsive and is built with HTML & CSS3. Moreover, the theme is Search engine optimize making it an ideal theme in the current competitive virtual space. The theme is also specially optimized for fast loading and undoubtedly gets fast visibility in top search engines. 

Optimizer theme is suitable for creating unlimited landing pages.

3. Divi

One of the top features one must consider when selecting a theme is the speed. To this extent, Divi offers speed that is incomparable with no refreshing requests or Wen page errors. More so, Divi allows you to customize everything because every element is fully customizable. Therefore, you can select and change theme colour, fonts and sizing as you desire. In addition, Diva WordPress theme is designed with 46 different content elements. 

Another feature of interest in Divi WP theme is the ability to respond instantly to every command. Rows can for instance be added and deleted instantly and adjust interface elements to suit your screen instantly. In addition, Divi WP is designed with 20 pre- made page layouts to choose from. You may however create your own page layouts and be able to save them on the Divi library. Most importantly, this theme is responsive.

4. Spacious

Is one of the multi-purpose WordPress themes. Spacious is unlimited in use and can be used in web portfolio, business or any other site. The theme has several incredible features which include image slider, theme options, translations ready, footer widgets and custom menu. Most notably, Spacious is designed for super fast loading and has responsive design.

The theme also offers the primary colour option. The primary colour chosen is reflected on tin links, buttons and other areas of the theme. The theme also offers many layout options that include the boxed layout . The theme is constantly being modified with the latest of its version having been released on September 2, 2016.

5. Sydney

The theme is a recent creation of aThemes that was added on 26 July 2016 in WordPress themes dictionary. Sydney WP theme is suitable for business related sites for several reasons that include being a theme that is fully responsive and has an adaptable design. One of its greatest features is the wide range of customization possibilities. They include the ability to customize front page, have full color control, easily upload logo, have access to all google fonts and have layout control. 

Sydney WP theme also feature Homepage slider that enables a user to have a fullscreen slider and a full-width static header image. Moreover, with the front- page blocks feature, the theme enables you to use the blocks to create a homepage that is specifically suitable for your site. 

6. Vantage

Designed by SiteOrigin, Vantage theme is a multipurpose theme that can be used on any niche site. Vantage is a suitable theme due to its flexibility and ita awesome features that include Woo Commerce that enables the site sell online. Moreover, Vantage supports some of the popular plugins that include Page Builder and MetaSlider. Mor so, Vintage WordPress is fully layout responsive.

Other features include translations ready, retina ready and being GPL licensed.

7. Pro Blogg

Loved for being simple and easy to use, Pro Blogg is one of the best themes for use in a blog or a personal site. The theme is SEO friendly with menus capability and theme options. With Pro Blogg, a user is able to design a clean and modern sites enabled by the clean elegant lines and 

Some of its additional features include a widgetized footer, fast and responsive design and light weight. Noteworthy, the theme is compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Safari and IE10+. Although it is designed with a personal blogger in mind, the theme can be used in business, freelancer and portfolio.

8. Zerif Lite.

The theme prides of more than 90,000 installs as no mistake. It is suitable for use to promote a business or a certain service due to its one page layout design. This should not however be taken to mean that it limits what you can write to your potential clients. Rather, the theme is well organized to include various sections such as About us, Contact Us form, team member profiles, testimonials and Big title.

Some of its popular features are a fully responsive lay out, mobile friendly, WooCommerce compatible and retina ready. 

9. Amadeus

Amadeaus is another WordPress theme suitable for personal blogging. Its advantages include ease of use that provides easy and smooth parallax scrolling. it is also elegant in design with elegant social icons from where you can add all your social contacts and a stylish typography. Its popular features include Metaslider integration, a full-width parallax ribbon, drop down menus and custom widgets. In addition, Amadeus comes with a fully responsive design and has the ability to use google fonts.

10. estore

Choosing a responsive theme is essential in the current times because most people are accessing websites and blogs using their mobile phones only. eStore Is in this regard 100% responsive and SEO friendly for easy search by major search engines. This theme is suitable for a number of sites that include ecommerce because it is designed to fully support WooCommerce. Further, with the Custom colors feature, the theme enables a user to represent any categories of posted items with customized colors thus creating a beautiful site that is also easy to use by all visitors. The multiple color option is in this regard designed with more than 15 color options while the primary color option enable you to create the theme color that will appear on site areas such as the background.

Moreover, with the collection template, the theme enables you to show all the various categories of items in a single page. In addition, eStore is translation ready enabling fast and east translation of the site content to any native language.

Wordpress website design

1. Why you should use Wordpress to build your website

The modern world has become an interconnected place. Websites have become the online stops for shopping, working and the source of information. Designing a website may however be termed as a technical task that is best handled by a web designer. Moreover, one a website is created one needs to have a web manager to frequently check on the website.

Informed to make web designing easy, the concept of WordPress was developed in 2003. WordPress is a popular application that is used to develop webs and blogs. WordPress is better known as a content management system for websites and blogs. 

Recent Design from Digital Marketing Shop:

Creative Dance Wordpress website

Unlike other website creating options, WordPress is a free platform to create ones website or a blog. This is because WordPress is open source where millions of people keep improving and evolving the app. Anyone in the large community of WordPress can therefore contribute to WordPress by adding themes, answering questions, and writing plugins.

As a content owner, changing events and content generally is a popular thing. Ones content manager at a cost usually effects these changes. However, with WordPress once, you have mastered how to navigate through the software, you can easily add text and make any necessary changes as frequently as you wish at no cost.

Furthermore, WordPress is diverse. This is because it consists of thousands of plugins, widgets and themes to choose from so to customize ones website or bog to whatever style they wish. In fact, there are thousands of themes to choose. Depending on one’s preference, you can choose one layout to be the theme for the entire theme for your content or choose a multiple of themes to appear on your page. Whatever option you pick, WordPress guarantees consistency it.

WordPress themes are in this regard ideal for any sort of website. The various themes include photography themes, eCommerce themes, magazine themes and so much more. 

Mobile phones have become a growing trend for internet users. Developing content must therefore have this consideration in mind to ensure that their content is accessible even on mobile phones. WordPress is in this regard created to be mobile friendly by automatically recognizing whether a user is on a mobile device and configuring it accordingly. Mobile readiness is achieved by choosing a theme that is mobile responsive.

One great benefit of WordPress is that it gives the content owner the absolute control of the content of the website. This benefit I enhanced by its ease of use. One can thus upload images, change logo, change background, amend content or simply add new blogs with so much ease. Moreover, WordPress supports embed enabled websites. Suffice to note, you can also allow visitors to embed YouTube videos on their comments.

Adding events, calendars and tweeter feeds is very easy due to its easy to use plugins. The plugins are pre-installed ad all one has to do is select the plugin they wish to use and click to install it. The fact that the plugins are pre-installed does not in any way mean you have a uniform plugin with the next content developer. Rather, there are a dozen of thousands of plugins to choose.

WordPress has also enhanced a content owners control to decide what time certain posts are to be available on the website. This means that you can create wide content and divide it into sessions with each session automatically posted at those set times. 

Another benefit must be with its design. Unlike the traditional web creation systems that apply HTLMs, WordPress contains no HTML requirements. More so, this software is self- contained in the sense that you can do anything on your web or blog such as upload videos and format text without the need for additional software such as HTML or FTP. 

2. Easy to custom

In addition, WordPress is built on industry standards PHP, MySQL WordPress designed websites, and blogs can run on any modern webserver. Furthermore, WordPress can be accessed through any internet server or browser anywhere in the world. You need not worry about your content relevance and visibility while traveling.

Moreover, word press is created to enhance SEO. Enhancing visibility for search engines for ones content must be the primary consideration for every content developer. In this regard, WordPress is SEO friendly in the sense that it is simple and allows for precision that makes it easier for content to be found. Pages and images are ascribed own Meta tag keywords and optimized for specific keywords. To enhance SEO friendliness even more, the software has the option of using WordPress SEO plugin.

It is of critical importance that software is updated frequently to a newer version to enhance its security and even efficiency. WordPress comes with built-in updater that notifies you when there is a newer version of WordPress. Updating to a new version of WordPress is equally easy as it only takes the click of a button. 

Due to its ease of use, you will find that most website owners add content frequently. This in turn increases the repeat visitor’s numbers. As a content owner this invites more traffic in your website or blog as your reader want to follow you to see any new updates. Moreover due to the repeat visitor number rating, this inspires a content writer to develop new content more frequently. Moreover, the ease of adding content to one’s website is the inspiration any content owner need to be able to keep giving their content fresh relevance.

The cyber space has grown to become an unsafe platform for content due to the hacking issues. Moreover, ones content may at times lose in the internet. For this reason, WordPress is designed to allow its users set up an automated regular backup system known as WordPress backups.

Administration is equally efficient with this software. An administrator with access to the WordPress can add as many users as possible and better still can restrict the permission of each user on the website. This is a benefit for an online business that has several members of staff. 

Finally, the more reason why WordPress is used by about 26% of websites world over is that it is portable and highly flexible. Moreover, when you have any issues in the WordPress you can get assistance from anywhere in the world because there are a thousand of developers all over the world. The flexibility of WordPress also allows you to alter the URL structure of whatever post you have so as to better focus keywords. 

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3. WordpressWebsite Benefits

Wordpress websites are made for companies who want to update their website easily without knowing coding. It is easy to update and upgrade design. Wordpress CMS has a lot of plugins to improve your digital marketing.

Wordpress is made for corporate website

Wordpress is a easy to use for non coder.

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