Safe Commercial Kitchen Equipment Suppliers

Digital Marketing Shop is listing below the top 10 commercial kitchen equipment retailers in Sydney based on our own research.

This list does NOT include kitchen equipment manufacturers but only dealers.


Safe Purchase

The company needs to have

  1. at least 8 years experience
  2. warehouse/location 
  3. SSL cer. on their website

Modern website


The website needs to be

  1. mobile friendly
  2. easy to navigate
  3. over 2000 products

Price competitive

The company needs to have

  1. good price offer
  2. a discount structure on sales
  3. finance option

Customer Service

The company needs to have

  1. good reviews
  2. an easy way to contact 
  3. CRM

Here are the safe catering equipment suppliers in Sydney

You will be able to purchase safely new commercial kitchen equipment and restaurant supplies from the companies below. Hospitality equipment are expensive and it is necessary to know where you can buy safely in Sydney area. Theses suppliers know which kitchen equipment you will need for your cooking, food preparation, refrigeration and ware washing based on the size of your business and your menu. 

Petra Equipment, Cafe Ideas, Alpha Catering Equipment, Mattys Equipment, Atlantic Equipment, F.E.D, Nisbets, Catering Wholesalers, Pro Tech & Sydney Commercial Kitchen Equipment.

This list has been reviewed in September 2018.



Petra Equip. Logo

Petra Equipment

Located in Lansvale, Petra Equipment is part of Petra Group, a leading company in the hospitality industry. Competitive price and top brands. Petra Equipment opened a new showroom in Sydney in October 2018.

alpha-catering-equipmnet-logoAlpha Catering Equipment

Located in Penrith, Alpha Catering Equipment has a strong history in steel fabrication and kitchen supplies. The company invested into a new website in end 2017 with a new range of products.

Cafe Ideas Logo

Cafe Ideas Logo

Cafe Ideas

Cafe Ideas is a family owned company that has been supplying the hospitality industry for more than 15 years. From commercial kitchen equipment to cafe furniture, Cafe Ideas is identified as a safe retailer in Australia.

atlantic-equipmentAtlantic Equipment

Atlantic Equipment is a commercial kitchen equipment retailer and a cool room manufacturer based in Sydney. They additionally provide custom made freezer rooms.