Privacy Policy

We want to let you know that any information from our customers are keep safe and we do not share your information with third party company.

Keeping your information private is something that Digital Marketing Shop is absolutely committed to. We want you to visit our site regularly, with complete confidence and without any unanswered questions. We want to share our privacy policy with you so that you know exactly how we gather information and what we do (and don’t do) with that information.

1. We do gather information about customer location from our Google Analytics tools. Not your address, only your city when possible or state.
2. When you register with an account, we do keep all your information to manage your order.
3. We also collect your data when you fill up our newsletters form, check out information, “my account” and contact us form.
4. We contact you for order processing, for more information about the delivery, for special offers, for statistics and to respond to your queries.
5. Our Search Engine Optimisation Sydney team does not sell client information to other businesses, we keep everything confidential.

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