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RANK FAST {60 to 120 Days} Accelerated SEO

Our SEO monthly plan does not include GST. Please allow an extra 10% for GST.


Our SEO Experience

Over 100 clients

We will help you to become a leader in your industry. With a strong knowledge, experience and technical understanding of SEO, our Gold SEO packages will give you a strong return and a constant amount of leads.

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Can you have cheap and quality service at the same time? Unfortunately, NO! 

We aren’t the cheapest SEO company in Australia, but we offer truly efficient SEO to all our clients.


Our SEO Packages

Over 100 clients worldwide

(Professional SEO services only – we use white hat techniques to rank your website on the long term on Google)


1. Silver SEO

SEO Packages for small businesses

Min. 20 keywords

$1,000 per month

Website Optimisation

Monthly link building

Monthly Ranking Reports

Content Management

2. Gold SEO


Min. 40 keywords

$1,600 per month

Website Optimisation

Monthly link building

Daily Ranking Reports

Content Management

Landing Pages

Social Media Management

3. Custom SEO


# Keywords based on the contract

Price based on features x keywords

Website Optimisation

Monthly link building

Monthly Ranking Reports

Content Management

Landing Pages

Social Media Management

Email Marketing

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Sydney SEO prices

1. SEO for Sydney Businesses

Discover our SEO Sydney prices and packages which are designed for being competitive, affordable and effective for ranking above your competition. Industry research suggests that cheap SEO packages usually don’t get you the results you want to achieve. Our SEO packages are usually priced from $1400/month for small businesses.

Founded in 2012, Digital Marketing Shop has a long history of applying academic research to SEO. Our founder has a background in statistics, marketing and IT, making our company perfect for SEO studies and applications.

In 2018, we retained 95% of our clients. Find out why today.

2. SEO for Melbourne Businesses

If you have a local or national business based in Melbourne, then you’ve found the right place to improve your SEO ranking in Melbourne. Research across the industry suggests that cheap SEO packages usually don’t get you the results you want to achieve. Our SEO Melbourne prices usually start from $1000/month for small businesses. Some of our larger clients have a SEO campaign targeting over 5000 keywords for a SEO cost of over $8500/month with a revenue of $1 million per month.

Results usually take between 1 to 6 months in most cases. This time depends on how competitive the chosen keywords are, and on any changes in Google’s search engine algorithms.

Our team consists of 13 SEO professionals including 3 top Australian SEO experts.

SEO Melbourne prices


We offer affordable, not cheap and competitive SEO packages for companies based in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane & Gold Coast. Our Search Engine Optimisation consultants are based in Australia.  We work with companies across Australia, offering affordable pricing packages in metro areas but also near suburbs of Melbourne, Central Coast, Sydney {such as Parramatta} and Perth {such as Mandurah}.

What is an SEO package?

SEO package is a combination of all type of SEO Technics included in one solution to the customer. An SEO service provider utilizes the practice of search engine optimization to increase the number of visitors to a Web site by obtaining high-ranking placements in the search results page of search engines (SERP).


Website and SEO packages

Our web marketing company is definitively offering website and SEO packages for national and local business in Australia. Our average discount for both website + SEO is around 15% the total packages and over 10% off the monthly SEO packages.


Our office is based in Sydney

We are based in 5 locations: Our head office is based in Sydney with 4 secondary offices in France, Switzerland, India & Philippines. 

We also offer niche SEO, like SEO for Magento or SEO for plumber websites.


We visit our large clients twice a year in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Our SEO packages are the same across the states. We believe to be affordable (not cheap). Our e-commerce SEO packages are priced on the volume of keywords to work on.  SEO cost A$1,500.00 in Australia in average.